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Our Experience

It's  hard to believe, with 30 plus years experience, Alliances With Lori has seen the industry of marketing and advertising morf from offline, print and a somewhat dinosaur-ish state to the future of where we are right now.  I can remember receiving blue lines (yes, blue proofs!) at my home on a Saturday via fed ex due to tight timelines of print materials that needed to be distributed via US POSTAL SERVICE mail. These were the days of serious editing with one shot to get it right! 

Why Us?

An enduring and truly global brand must be based on a human truth--An event in life that you cannot deny or a moment you never want to miss.  Not a short-term fad or trend. This allows advertising to have a common foundation for years to come that can work in multiple ways and in many different markets.  

While working at MasterCard, I was one of the key players in the development of the "PRICELESS" campaign.  We based real life scenarios that tugged at the heart strings to create stories about life's most precious moments.  

We realized, money couldn't buy everything (ironically, those were the "priceless moments") but for some things there was still a reason to use your MasterCard card.  

So what did we do? 

Rather than telling the consumer to use their credit cards for everything such as expensive vacations, jewelry, dining out...etc, and making it seem totally fake, we did the exact opposite.  

Yes, we hinted about how they could *potentially* use their Mastercard by carefully crafting words that lead the consumer to believe we were not suggesting usage of their card at all.  

Smart right?

These marketing strategies and tactics worked very well.  The Priceless campaign became one of the most respected marketing campaigns of all time! 

It never put the brand in a box nor did it define exactly what a priceless moment was--THIS WAS KEY. 

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